Mumbai is the capital of the state of Maharashtra; it is situated on the West coast of India.Its population is approximately 20.5 million, and it is thus the most populous city in India. It also has the highest GDP of any city in South, West or Central Asia.The city was known as Bombay until 2009.


Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital of India. Important financial institutions such as The Bombay Stock Exchange, Reserve Bank of India and National Stock Exchange of India are situated in Mumbai.Also, many multinational and major national conglomerates have headquarters in Mumbai.Hindi film and TV industries also have their headquarters in Mumbai and it is collectively called Bollywood (B=Bombay).Bollywood is prolific in the numbers of movies it makes per year (approximately 1000); in fact, this is more than the next three countries put together USA (Hollywood), China and Japan.Mumbai generates 5% of India’s GDP, 25% of industrial output, 40% of maritime trade and 70% of capital transactions of Indian economy.Mumbai developed from several islands and is thus a natural harbor.