by Dr. Venugopal Menon


This the third smallest, another north-eastern state, that has tropical Savanna climate, agriculture, and handicrafts of bamboo and cane, but has remained poor despite high literacy, and has a composite culture of Indian and ethnic groups. The name is linked to the presiding deity Tripura Sundari, at Udaipur. Wildlife and bird sanctuaries and national parks of the state are protected under law. Music and dance are an integral part of its culture.


Kharchi Puja:


The most popular festival, in Tripura, is the worship of the fourteen gods of Tripura and is celebrated in the month of July-August. It ends with sacrifices of cattle to the Earth God. Kharchi means ‘earth’, and the event is in praise of the earth. All the rituals are of tribal origin, meant to wash out sins, performed for seven days at the local temple, and including the sacrifice of goats and pigeons along with other offerings.