by Dr. Venugopal Menon


This state in Northeast India was formed in 1972 by joining some districts in Assam, the name meaning ‘abode of the clouds. The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong. The British nicknamed it the "Scotland of the East". Like Kerala, Meghalaya has historically followed a matrilineal system where the lineage and inheritance are traced through women; the youngest daughter inherits all wealth and she also takes care of her parents.

The state is the wettest region of India, and 70 percent of the state is forested. Meghalaya has predominantly an agrarian economy with a significant commercial forestry industry.


Nongkrem Dance:


Meghalaya state is famous for its five days long festival in November, to appease the powerful goddess Ka Blei Sybshar, for the prosperity of the people. The Ka Pomblang dance is of the Khasi tribes, in the cultural center of the Khasi hills. The priest performs a ceremony, offering oblation to God and offers a cock as sacrifice, as well as offerings to the ancestors. Unmarried girls dressed up in exotic costumes perform dances, men participating with swords and playing drums and pipes.